Five Years Strong: Story Fruition's Journey of Success

Join us on a five-year adventure of triumph at Story Fruition, where crafting captivating business stories is our passion! We believe in the magic of storytelling, blending sales savvy and marketing finesse to truly connect with your audience. Your stories hold the key to authentic connections and real impact. We've helped numerous founders, investors, and C-suite leaders find their narrative voice, resulting in over $170 million in funding! Let's turn your story into the next big success!

Meet the Founder and CEO


Melissa Reaves is a professional and award-winning storyteller and a storytelling coach to executives. Her sales and marketing background includes more than 20 years in technology enterprise sales, as well as countless stage credits as a professional actor/improviser. This combination of sales, marketing, acting, writing, directing and producing storytelling shows, ultimately led her to found Story Fruition to help others find and tell their stories--with impact.


Melissa and her team works with CEOs, Founders and Senior Executives to build their storytelling skills and enrich their leadership. Melissa is the Pitch Coach for Founders Live and invited to instruct storytelling for business narratives at conferences all over the United States.

Our Coaches

Melissa Reaves

Grew up in publishing sales, then to ad-tech start-ups for 20 years--all the way to Oracle. Took her sales, marketing, tech sales and added her acting/improv skills to the mix to start Story Fruition.


Christy Maxfield

Christy is a business coach who helps help founders, ecosystem builders, and business owners build strong, profitable companies. As an investor pitch coach, she helps clients build concise and compelling pitch decks that demonstrate founders' deep understanding of their business models and answer investor's most pressing questions.

Jeremy Kredlo

Jeremy, a seasoned story coach and adept training facilitator, specializes in advocacy and nonprofit storytelling. With his knack for crafting compelling narratives, he helps organizations rally support and drive change through the power of storytelling, inspiring action and fostering progress, one story at a time.

Shweta Bhatt

Shweta is a Boston-based award-winning storyteller, who seamlessly merges her finance background with a passion for social advocacy. Her adeptness in craftingĀ stories has made her a sought-after figure in both investor pitch arenas and social impact initiatives.

Jeremy Richards

An executive coach, bestselling author, keynote speaker, and Senior Leadership Development Manager based in Seattle. He is the author of The Accomplished Creative: Overcome Imposter Syndrome, Forge Courage, and Tap Into Limitless Creativity, an international bestseller.

Mark Shone

Mark is an educator and has 30 years of extensive experience in Finance Sales and Marketing. As an investor pitch coach, he specializes in working with clients to develop pitches and get their business ideas off the ground.

OurĀ Team

Justin Parks


With a Juris Doctor Degree in Law from Seattle University, our legal counsel Justin makes sure Story Fruition receives thorough and practical legal advice critical to our operation. He specializes in civil litigation, real estate, business, construction, intellectuall property, and land use.

Karl Bryan Bago

Executive Assistant

Our Marketing and Specialist Virtual Assistant hails from the Philippines. A visionary and creative Virtual Assistant regarded for championing innovative output while overseeing Story Fruition's backend.