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Learn the Story Fruition Mind Movie Method and see how we've helped Rising Stars (like you) make it to the C-Suite. Learn how our method has helped fuel $170 Million in capital funding using advanced storytelling skills that compel your audience to take action. Learn how your stories will rock any media interview confidently.

Your life is filled with stories of your wisdom.

So, tell your stories--and tell them well. 

In the world of leadership and communication, one skill stands out as truly indispensable: storytelling. Storytelling has the power to captivate, connect, and inspire action like no other. It can turn data into emotion, facts into inspiration, and ideas into movements.

"The most powerful person in the world is the Storyteller. The Storyteller sets the vision, values and agenda of an entire generation that is to come."

--Steve Jobs, Apple

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We secured $35M Using Story Fruition Coaching!
"I hired Melissa for six months to interview me and capture some very compelling and emotionally charged stories of our clients' financial and life situations and how we made a huge difference in their lives. I absolutely contribute some credit to Story Fruition for helping us infuse human connection into our presentations. Well worth the investment."
Tom Spann, CEO/Founder, Brightside
"In a world where communication is key, Melissa is a gem. Her commitment, care, and ear for good stories make her an exceptional presentation coach. I can confidently say that my time working with Melissa has not only improved my public speaking skills but has also left me inspired and eager to share my ideas with the world. If you're seeking a coach who will truly invest in your success, look no further than Melissa Reaves." 
Lewis C. Lin, 8X Best Selling Author, CEO, Manage Better
We Won The Pitch Competition!
" I just want to say thank you again for the amazing mission that you are on. You have blessed me in so many ways. I am forever grateful! Thanks again for helping taking Postseason’s pitch to the next level!"
Jelani Jenkins, Founder/CEO PostSeason, Former NFL player (10 years)

How is business storytelling a career game changer?


Storytelling is not just a buzzword; it's a fundamental business communication skill that separates ordinary leaders from extraordinary ones.

We've seen clients use our Mind Movie Method to: 

  • Secure over $170M in investor support
  • Get promoted to the C-Suite
  • Attract High Paying Clients
  • Emotionally move donors for fundraising efforts
  • Uplift company morale and secure retention
  • Increase their clientele and partnerships because their presentation skills and self confidence make them so magnetic! 

Whether you're an executive, entrepreneur, Rising Star, or someone looking to enhance their leadership abilities, effective storytelling is your secret weapon and key to your expansive success.


We will not remember your pie chart, but we can remember the story you tell that the pie chart is representing about humans and our conditions. You are a source for greatness, and it's your stories that show the world your true character. When you are brave, genuine, vulnerable and honest in the stories you share, you become magnetic. People want to hear from you because you inspire as you "edu-tain" them in every presentation, media interview or conversation.


Learn the Story Fruition Mind Movie Method by enrolling in our exclusive, entertaining and effective online course today!


Own your success. Master Storytelling and see your career catapult.

✨ Enhance Your Leadership Presence: Storytelling elevates your presence and charisma, making you a magnetic and influential leader.

✨ Drive Action and Results: Compelling stories motivate teams, customers, and stakeholders to take action, turning your visions into reality.

✨ Connect on a Deeper Level: Stories build authentic connections, fostering trust and loyalty among your team and audience.

✨ Make Complex Ideas Accessible: Transform data and complex concepts into understandable, relatable narratives that are remembered.

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What's In It For You

If you are a Founder seeking investors and attract partners, you’ll learn:


âś… How to pitch your business idea to investors in 99-seconds using memorable storytelling instead of endless non-emotional graphs.

âś… How to edu-tain your audience by transforming heavy data-driven slides into captivating stories that show us the problem and your solution as the hero of the story.

âś… How to craft a winning pitch deck that gets investors hooked and not confused or bored.

If you are a Rising Star in your organization and now face more public speaking, you’ll learn:


âś… How to craft and deliver compelling stories that inspire action and even do it on the fly because you have a solid structure to follow every time.

✅ How to conquer your nerves by controlling that nagging chatterbox voice that is only bullying you—and instead listen to that coach voice that remind you how talented you really are through your storytelling skills

✅ How to unlock your potential and achieve your goals with effective storytelling that creates vivid “Mind Movies” deliberately in your audience’s imaginations so that they lean into your words

âś…How your storytelling will rock media interviews and panels as you share your wisdom using your own Story Library

If you are a C-Suite executive, this course will help you:


âś… Take the boredom out of the boardroom by taking control of your presentations that allow your team to digest your important mission easily instead of data-dumping at once

✅ How to avoid “The Wonder/Wander Effect” by not saying things that confuse your audience and lose active listening. Once their attention wanders off—it’s hard to get them back 100%, so learn to control that

✅ Inspire your audiences because you connect to them genuinely

And if you just want to learn how to be more engaging, interesting, fun and feel vibrantly alive—developing your storytelling skills is a smart investment that will pay you back in dividends.



Meet Your Instructor


I love entrepreneurs and I appreciate great leadership. Over my twenty-five year career in advertising sales, marketing and enterprise level data sales--I learned what turned a customer's head towards my offering and not my competitors. It was not the endless graphs I was flashing at them---it was the stories I told that the graphs represented. 

Business professionals need to tell vivid Vision Stories to lead us to the new way things can be accomplished. We need Customer Success Stories to inspire prospects to confidently want to buy from you. We need Recruitment Stories that show that this place is a great place to work.

Stories are needed everywhere in business---and I'm going to show you how to not just tell a story---but create vivid "Mind Movies" in your listeners heads.

I started acting at the ripe old age of nine, studied theater at the University of Michigan, and became a professional improviser at fifty, so I’ve been studying the art of storytelling for almost (gulp) six decades. The Theater Kids learned storytelling, but the STEM kids were more focused on the sciences. That's perfect! We need both in the world to keep the balance. Storytellers make the complicated science easily understood.

This course is the science behind the art of storytelling.

My company, Story Fruition, has helped generate over $170 Million in investment and ignite the dreams of hundreds of founders who want to change the world. And, now you’ll learn how to change your world by mastering an ESSENTIAL business skill: Storytelling.

Are you ready to captivate your audiences with your advanced storytelling skills using Story Fruition’s Mind Movie Method?

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